Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Important Questions You Should Ask First

Are you considering a Shopify Facebook store? Here are some important questions you should ask first before selling on Facebook with Shopify!

With more and more online purchasers looking to buy on social media platforms like Facebook, the ecommerce platforms like Shopify are considering the importance and are taking note. These platforms are making it simpler to set up a Facebook store and integrate it with your website.

Shopify already released an application called Shopify Facebook Store that helps retailers to set up a fully integrated and optimized store on Facebook. This move can be a great strategy to boost traffic to your regular store, increase sales, and improve engagement with your Facebook fans. However, selling on Facebook may be a strategy that everyone should consider.

Here are a few questions you should ask first before selling on Facebook with Shopify:

 -Do you already have a web store? If you do, consider the impact a Facebook store will have. You need to know if you will be distracting your shoppers from your main web store or will you be opening yourself to new markets. If you don’t have a web store, you need to determine your long-term strategy. Even though creating a Facebook store may be a good move now, you need to consider the future as well. Ask yourself where do you want to be 1, 3 or 5 years from now.

– What is your goal for Facebook? Ask yourself – what is my ultimate goal? Are you trying to boost sales or maximize awareness for your brand and the products you sell? Having a Facebook store can remove the barriers to sales but it can also distract them. You need to be as clear as possible about your intentions.

-Is the Shopify Facebook Store the best strategy for your business? Shopify is integrated with Facebook which means that photos, product details, and inventory information sync automatically with Shopify.

– Are there other channels you are selling on? If you already have a webstore, that is your another channel. Have you considered selling on eBay or Amazon? Do you maybe have a physical store? You need to determine the best strategy for you and decide what suits your brand the most.

Creating a Shopify Facebook store is easy, especially if you are a Shopify user for quite some time now. First, you need to check out the Facebook App which can be found on Shopify marketplace. You need to select an ecommerce plan that fits your business. There are different ecommerce plans to choose from. The cheapest one costs $9 a month.

Once you will log in to Shopify, you need to connect your Facebook account and create the tab on your Facebook page. Add your product data and all information necessary. Once added, you can start selling on Facebook.

The long-term benefit of using Shopify is that it gives you a chance for building a successful business in the future. It is a worldwide popular, highly familiar, and supported platform.

Besides this benefit, there are other 3 ways a Shopify Facebook Store can help you build your business. You will be able to increase brand awareness by using social indicators such as shares, likes, and promotions, you will be able to increase sales by displaying your items where your potential customers already are, and you will be able to create an online store with less time and fewer resources than building a web store from scratch.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify is fun and it can bring you a lot of new customers and sales at the same time!